The Hand That Feeds

by Deity

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Armand Paypay
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Armand Paypay You mother fuckers need to come to philly Favorite track: Feed.
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Giant don't skip this one. 5/5
Deity. Favorite track: Albatross.
Raul Mendoza
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Raul Mendoza Amazing music from the Houston scene if you are not jamming this album, you should be! Favorite track: Fable (feat. Andrew Hileman of I Am).
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released July 30, 2015

All music written by Deity.
Recorded by John Dudek, Christian Vasquez and Carlos Pertuz
Mixed and mastered by John Dudek
Artwork and logo by Jason Frazier of Begotten Media

Special thanks to
Jason Frazier
Carlos Pertuz
John Dudek
Jaime Padilla
Rocky Lopez
Christian Vasquez
Andrew Hileman
Chase Rawlinson
Connor Welsh
Jordan Becker
Ben Mahlmer
Darke Complex
Drew Glover



all rights reserved


Deity Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Feed
I am the pit deep inside of your gut
The voice that never shuts up
The agonistic curse that runs in your blood

Well, well, well

The hand that feeds holds a gun to your head

Track Name: Albatross
My past's a story I tell myself
But it changes every time it's read

Retraced the lines to find that I'm not alone in my head
Over my shoulder I feel it breathing
God, I wish someone was left

My past's a story I tell myself
But it changes every time it's read

Every crack on the floor
Is conquered
The mistakes you deplore
Are haunted
What you're going toward
Can't alter
What you can't ignore
I'm straining
Ripped vocal cords
I'm stressing
Till every synapse is torn
My conscience
Is where this anger is born
And I'm rotten
To the fucking core

It's written on your face
Complacent shades of gray

Retraced the lines to find that I'm not alone in my head
Over my shoulder I feel it breathing
God, I wish someone was left

My past's a story I tell myself
But it changes every time it's read

It's written on your face
Complacent shades of gray
Self-satisfaction will crush you with its weight
Better put your ego in chains
I swear you'll never learn your place

This is the albatross
Around my neck
Track Name: Greyscale
You say I'm a monster
But if I haunt you, then don't ever look in my room
The ghosts in the walls
Befriend me
Demons in the night
Resent me
Answer back and tell them I am empty
Look under the bed and face the demons in me
Am I the nightmare that wakes you up
Am I the king that rules your broken heart
The plagues fall from the ceiling
The crucifixes burn my skin
You'll never leave, but I'll let you in
Your scripture's always revealing
Sins I commit
I am no god
But a devil among men
Among men
Hit the lights
Do you see it?
I am, I am, I am
No god
Track Name: Pereo (feat. Chase Rawlinson of Hollow Vessels)
I will conform to the will of this generation
Give up my spirit, submit to degradation
I'll learn the rules, I'll keep my mouth in check
Keep your oath, it makes me fucking sick
You sold us out
The friends you swore to protect
You gave us up
You put the noose on our necks
I can remember every single time
You looked me in the eye and swore integrity
Well, I'm screaming with a bloody mouth
I have faith in everything you doubt
Erase tradition
Fuck your standards
Burn the dollar you chase after
Ignore your lessons
Fuck your faith
Reject the morals you try to preach
Blind belief in a soul-crushing system
Yields a broken pretext for your victims
You rode the coattails of men who hate you
Don't you ever forget we made you
No, no
I'm dying
I'm dying
I'm dying
There's an enemy inside us all
Paint my face on the broken walls
Finally my conscience has surfaced
Let the devil know my soul is for purchase
Evil's real, it knows where my hearse is
Evil is real, it knows where my hearse is
Track Name: Sickness
I'm sick
I've got a disease in my skull
Keep at arms length
Or it will spread to your bones
I'm trying to find the cure for the days
When it feels like I'll never be okay
And all I've found
Is the cure lies six feet underground
I'm mutilated
I have no patience
I've fought and struggled
But I've lost my battles
My antidote
By killing me
Killing me
I need the doctor
I need the pills
Where are the answers?
I'm running uphill
I'm turning the knife
On myself
The bleeding's internal
It's lethal
It kills
This sickness
Get away
This sickness
Get away
My sickness
Get away
(Don't ever think you'll fix me)
Track Name: Fable (feat. Andrew Hileman of I Am)
There is a story
Lost in time
A man took his family
His kids and his wife
Out to a lake
Where summers were spent
He was sick of his life of regret
Creeping loneliness, faking smiles
He never wanted to endure these trials
With his loved ones, he grabbed a gun
He put a bullet in all, except for his son
He said, "Listen boy, to my words. Everything's broken and everything dies. There's only ashes, no fire in your eyes."
"What are you doing?!"
Dad's mouth full of lead, "I'm solving my problems," is all that he said
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree
And the vine that choked my father is wrapped 'round me
I walk the path he did years ago
And I think I'm near the end of the rope
End of the rope
I beg, I plead, I cry for help
But there's no answer
Looking to the sky, only to scorch my eyes
I think this is the end
Cannot stop it, cannot stop it, cannot stop it
Scorch my eyes
Black out the sun
Ready my grave
Feeble minded
Sadistic sense of peace
I'm not worthy
I come from heartbreak
I stand on meager bones
I pray for my sake
I pray I don't die alone